snack ka naya swag

indipop is not popcorn; it’s handmade crunchy pop balls

What’s the difference, you ask? Well, our pop balls are popped from high quality mushroom corn kernels and have a large, round and puffy ball type shape. And unlike popcorn, our pop balls are available in a number of mouth- watering flavors. So beyond popcorn, it’s a whole new genre of snack.

At Indipop, we source freshest kernels from best farms around the world and process in our state of the art plant with purest ingredients, seasonings and flavors.

The idea to give a yummy makeover to popcorn popped in our head resulting from our passion to try new things. We love giving a twist to classic recipes by blending exotic ingredients and trying new flavor combinations. This fascination for new taste gave birth to Indi Pop in 2017.

At present our gourmet pop balls are available in an assortment of sweet and spicy flavors like caramel, pineapple chilly, chocolate, peri peri, sweet chilly, sour cream & onion and cheese.

Peri Peri

besides, having a knack for innovation, we
will keep introducing new flavors from time to time.

Tempting in texture and delicious in taste, our pop balls are also a treasure of health and nutrition.
So go ahead, and snack your way to happiness.