Where can I buy Indipop from?

At present Indipop is sold at retail outlets and on Amazon.

Are Indipop’s pop balls vegetarian?

Yes. At present, all our flavors are 100% vegetarian. You can see the green veg mark on our packaging.

How do I keep it fresh?

Indipop’s packaging is designed to keep pop balls fresh. To further maintain freshness we recommend that you do not expose it to heat or direct sunlight. Also do not reheat, refrigerate or microwave pop balls. Store in a dry place.

Is it safe to eat if I am allergic?

We advice that you check if the ingredients and flavors mentioned on pack contain any items you are allergic to i.e. cheese, cream etc. If it does then we recommend not eating it.

How to serve Indipop at an event I am organizing?

We cater to all events, from birthday to kitty party and wedding to anniversary. To set up Indipop’s kiosk at your event and serve fresh, crunchy pop balls, call us on 70413 00030 or mail us at info@indipop.in