flavors to savor

Exciting Peri Peri

Garlicky, spicy, lemony, tangy and utterly addictive, Exciting Peri Peri takes you to the epitome of pleasure. Its vibrant taste hits all the right notes and awakens your taste buds with a sense of extreme delight.

Peri Peri

Creamy Caramel

Packed with seductively delicious caramel and velvety smooth cream, creamy caramel pop balls will caress your tastebuds with a pleasant experience that will be sinful without a trace of guilt and leave you wanting for more.

Sour Cream & Onion

The pungent taste of onion combined with sour cream will give you a spicy treat. Its mouthwatering flavour will unravel slowly, but once the magic kicks in it will feel like a paradise of delight for your tastebuds.


Classic Cheese

Oozing of mild buttery aroma and having a salty creamy texture, it tastes like, well, cheese, but cheesier. Whether you are a cheese fan or not, classic cheese flavor will surely indulge you with joy and make you ‘say cheese’.

Pineapple Chilly

In this unique fusion, fibrous flesh of honeyed pineapple meets the hot and spicy chilly. This charismatic yet mysterious blend will take you on a rollercoaster ride of pleasure that is as sweet as it is pungent.

Pineapple Chilly
Sweet Chilly

Sweet Chilly

A pinch of sweetness followed by a sharp spread of chilly feels like getting caught in a thunderstorm after walking in a flowery garden. What’s more, you will love both; pampering of sweetness and pungency of chilly.