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Superb quality, flavors and taste at par with international brands. That too at a pocket-friendly price. I loved peri peri and caramel the most.

- Muzaffar

Vibha Ahuja

I tried Indipop’s gourmet pop balls first time, and I am in love with it. It’s very yummy and at the same time gluten free and non-GMO too. So good for health as well.

- Vibha Ahuja

Client Name

I love trying new varieties and flavors of popcorn, so when Indipop came to my town, I got really excited. And I must say Indipop has lived up to its hype. In fact, exceeded it. I have already tasted all the flavors and now eagerly waiting for new flavors to come soon with raised expectations.

- Ganpatbhai Purohit

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I am a big fan of chocolate and caramel flavors. I have also tasted peri peri. I just can’t have enough of them.

- Tej Chaudhary

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I love Indipop. And so does my kids. Such top-notch quality at this reasonable price is really amazing. And taste is to die for. It has become our new snack time favorite. What’s more it’s convenient to carry.

- Keshav Joshi

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They have really unique flavors, like sweet chilly, peri peri, and my favorite, pineapple chilly. Whichever flavour makes you drool, sweet or spicy, they have it all so go for it.

- Pranav Sukhadiya

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I am a fan of gourmet popcorn and have tasted variety of flavors of gourmet popcorn from international brands around the world. I am very happy to have found a similar quality and taste in Indipop’s pop balls.

- Sumit Joshi